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Academy Overview
Welcome to the Academy for Professional Education and Training, an engineering and technical management vocational education and continuing professional development (CPD) training organisation, established to enhance engineering and technical management proficiency through education and training of public and private organisation personnel in the transportation, facilities, utilities, manufacturing, mining, processing, energy, and defence industries.

Vocational Education - Industry:
Engineering Management
Asset Integrity Engineering
Asset Maintenance Engineer
Infrastructure Integrity Engineer
Engineering Asset Management
Engineering Asset Maintenance
Infrastructure Asset Management

Vocational Education - Defence:
Defence Materiel Management
Defence Materiel Acquisition
Defence Materiel Capability
Defence Materiel Integration
Defence Materiel Deployment

Application Training:
CMMI®-ACQ (Acquisition)
CMMI®-DEV (Development)
CMMI®-SVC (Services)
People CMM®

Executive Development:
Strategic Decision-Making
Tactical Decision-Making
Operational Decision-Making
Advanced Problem Solving

Professional Expertise:
Production Management
MRP 1 and MRP 2
Inventory Management
Stores Management
Facilities Management
Material Handling Methods
Integrated Asset Management
Assets Strategic Planning
Assets Tactical Planning
Assets Operational Planning
Advanced Asset Management
Engineering Management
Configuration Management
Logistics Supply Analysis
Project Management
Project Risk Management
Infrastructure Management
Construction Management
Reliability and Performance
Availability and Maintainability
Safety and Risk Analysis
Integrity of Engineering Design
RAMS in Engineering Design
Design Project Management
Integrity of Industrial Processes
RAMS in Industrial Processes
Optimum Maintenance Practice
Industrial Machine Analysis
The Academy for Professional Education and Training is a member of the following groups:
Fundamentals of Asset Integrity in Oil and Gas
Global Forum of Maintenance and Asset Management
Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
Oil and Gas Industry
Primarily, the Academy provides vocational education courses in engineering and technical management specifically in: engineering management and engineering asset management.
The Academy offers specialised graduate certification courses in defence materiel management by specially trained professional support providers (PSPs) with essential experience and security clearance for defence materiel projects.
The Academy also offers special certificated application training in capability maturity model integration, CMMI® which was developed by the Software Engineering Institute, a research center at Carnegie-Mellon University, USA.
In addition, the Academy offers specialty executive development in management decision-making capability through specialty workshops in strategic planning based on innovation-driven as well as risk-informed decision-making; leadership in the establishment and implementation of organisational tactical and operational planning driven by knowledge-based decision-making; and the implementation of sustainable practices for enhancing competitive edge.
Furthermore the Academy offers professional expertise training for continuing professional development in engineering and management topics, either through associate experts in their field presenting special courses and workshops, or through the Academy's own developed modules. These professional development courses include the following topics:
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